Simply Straw Benefits

Simply Straw’s dust-extracted, highly absorbent, easily compostable characteristics make it ideal for all your bedding needs on the farm. It's a 100% renewable environmentally-friendly all natural product.

Dust Extraction is what makes Simply Straw bedding unique. Airborne dust from other types of bedding can contain bacteria, mould spores, and viruses. The reduced dust environment will keep your animals dry, comfortable, and breathing easily, therefore increasing animal productivity. Simply Straw bedding benefits not only the animals but also the individuals working in the barns, as well as reducing barn maintenance costs.

Dust-extracted straw is significantly more absorbent than non-processed straw or traditional wood shavings. Our highly absorbent product will decrease the presence of ammonia and odour in barns, creating a more biosecure environment.

Simply Straw is significantly less abrasive than wood shavings creating a soft, silky, smooth animal bed.

Simply Straw biodegrades much faster than wood shavings which help to reduce the size of manure piles.Dust-extracted straw is a great choice for farmers who want to take advantage of putting nutrients back onto their land.

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