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Affordable straw bedding,
with better health benefits.

Simply Straw is a new company in Lacombe, Alberta that provides cost competitive, premium animal bedding for equine, dairy, and poultry operations. Simply Straw is highly absorbent dust-extracted wheat straw animal bedding that increases animal health and comfort.

Why Buy Simply Straw?

  • Dust-Extracted
  • Increases Animal Comfort & Health
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Increases Biosecurity
  • Biodegrades 8X Faster
  • 100% Renewable Resource
  • Soft Silky Smooth Bedding
  • Premium Product
  • All Natural
The Benefits

This product is working very well in our horse barn and the horses love it! There is virtually no dust, barn odor is remarkably less, absorption of urine is very good and it is super easy to pick stalls. As well the straw will work much better for composting our manure pile.

Trish Bracken

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