About Simply Straw

Based in Lacombe, Alberta, Simply Straw is a new animal bedding provider in Central Alberta, that provides competitive and premium equine and cattle straw bedding. Simply Straw manufactures and processes wheat straw, refining it into animal bedding for equine, cattle, and poultry operations. Simply Straw provides a new alternative to traditional animal bedding options.

Utilizing state of the art equipment, Simply Straw starts the process by chopping the straw into small highly absorbent pieces. The straw continues to the dust extraction chamber to remove the majority of dust, allergens, chaff, and other foreign material.

The straw is then ready for bulk delivery or it continues to the bagging line, where the straw is compressed into easy to handle bags. Each compressed bag is filled with approximately 10 cubic feet of highly absorbent straw. The bags are stacked and shrink-wrapped on pallets for use of transportation and storage.

Simply Straw is available in three convenient options to meet your needs - Bulk, on a pallet with 40 bags or individual bags.

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